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Presented by The Nippon Foundation, Umi to Nippon Project and Change for the Blue.
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SPOGOMI is a completely new sport originating in Japan that adds the essence of "sports" to the traditional garbage pick-up that companies and organizations engage in, transforming conventional social service activities into "competitions".

Invented in 2008 by the representative of Social Sports Initiative, Mamitsuka Kenichi, under the slogan,

Trash pickup is a sport!


1st Place Team

Congratulations on team The Wastemans on finishing 8th in the SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 in Japan!

2nd & 3rd Place Teams

Congratulations to 10:43 for placing 2nd and
Used Jeans for placing 3rd!

All Other Teams

Thank you to all teams that came out and participated, we couldn't have held this event without you!

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1st Place

Represent Canada in Tokyo
Japan Travel expenses covered
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canada stage 2023



October 28

Team registration is CLOSED.


Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites

175 Wynford Drive, Toronto, ON, Canada M3C 1J3


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The winning team competes in Tokyo for 2023 World Cup

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